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Why Participate in Research Studies?

Memory and mood changes are common in later life and pose a major health concern for older adults. These changes are often chronic or recurrent and are associated with suffering, disability, and decreased quality of life. These mood changes are thought to be caused by a variety of medical, psychological, and social factors, making them difficult-to-treat illnesses.

Supporting a loved one with memory and mood changes poses major challenges for family and friends. Support persons may not understand the diagnosis, struggle making decisions about the future, or misunderstand the stages of care-giving. Stress and the physical or emotional strains add to the caregiver burden.

Our research attempts to comprehend the experiences of those suffering from memory and mood changes as well as that of the support person. Results from our studies will lead to more accurate assessments, the specification of subtypes in these complex illnesses, and better targeting of preventive and treatment strategies. Further, we hope to facilitate preventive efforts and treatment strategies of caregiver burnout among support persons.