Understanding Positive Brain Aging

Are you interested in participating in a study involving emotion processing and regulation abilities?

We are looking for generally healthy individuals ages 65-90 who would like to participate in a research study.

What will you do?

At visit 1:

  1. Speak with a clinician about your physical and mental health
  2. Take tests of thinking and memory
  3. Answer self-report questionnaires

At visit 2:

  1. Be in a functional MRI scan (we take pictures of your brain)
  2. Take more tests of thinking and memory

Emotion Sampling

We want to understand the types of emotions you have experienced, how intense those emotions have been, and if you have used any methods to regulate your emotions. To do this, we will send you a text message 3 times a day over a 2-week period. The text messages will contain a link to an online survey you can complete from your smart phone or tablet.


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