Student Volunteers

The Memory and Cognitive Aging lab is seeking volunteer research assistants (RA). Studies like ours, always have a lot of work to do. You could be involved in tasks such as these listed below.

  • Enrolling participants
  • Collecting fMRI data
  • Processing blood samples
  • Administering questionnaires
  • Preparing data and MRI images for analysis

Being an RA is a great way for students to build up research hours for school applications (graduate, medical, nursing, etc.). Quality work can also mean a strong letter of recommendation. Through your experience, you can learn about conditions of memory and mood and research techniques like fMRI, neuropsychological testing, and experience sampling.

We ask all our volunteer RAs to work with us for 4-8 hours a week for at least one semester. RA’s who continue with us beyond that could work on other projects, even their own (e.g. honor theses or UROP proposal), and can work towards an abstract, poster, or publication.

No previous experience is necessary to work in the MACA lab. If you are interested in volunteering, send us your resume or CV, the number of hours you anticipate working, and what you hope to gain from your experience.

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